My neck, shoulders and arms are killing me: Repetitive Stress Injury

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Exercise, Lifestyle Motivation, Resources

Many of us, if we are honest with ourselves, spend some time during the day rubbing our neck and shoulders.  Many of us also spend a large portion of our day in a forward facing position. We are required to sit at desks (students and workers alike).  We type or text, we garden or paint.  Think about all the varied activities that fill your day and how much of it is spent with our arms in front of us.  Now think of how much attention you give to reaching your arms behind you, stretching and releasing that forward stress on your body.  It’s not equal, is it?  So, your arms, neck and shoulders fatigue and strain from overworking and not enough balance.

In situations where we repeat the same activities for days, months and years we can cause repetitive stress or strain injuries.  Sometimes these appear like carpal tunnel symptoms, our hands and wrists get tight, achy or even numb.  Sometimes we think we have a pinched nerve in neck or shoulder muscles.  The answer to the root cause may not be simple, but it is often overlooked.  We overuse muscles and they respond by developing trigger points.  These trigger points lead to the formation of more trigger points.  Our muscles effectively shorten and have to work harder, leading to more fatigue.  We often feel this as ache, pain, decreased range of motion and sometime even numbness.

At BodyMind Wellness Center we work with you to examine not only the area of discomfort but also the patterns in your life that may have led to this pain.  We work with the layers of muscle to release to strain and trigger points and work on new effective techniques and stretches to help you achieve your desired outcome of treatment.

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