Dr. Weinstock demonstrating approach with patient

Finding the underlying cause

We believe that everything we do and eat affects our body and mind. Emotional, physical and chemical forces are constantly at work. Over time we have a tendency to mal-adapt to these everyday stresses. Sometimes cortisol and free radicals in the body can speed up weight-gain and increase the effects of aging. At times, pain is a symptom. While medication may temporarily mask the symptom, it will not expose or eliminate the underlying cause.

Our approach to progress

At the BodyMind Wellness Center, our approach to wellness is cause-and-effect based. Here, your journey begins with a personalized evaluation to determine the root cause. Next, we utilize a variety of targeted treatment options to create your customized path to improved health. Often, progress is achieved through Chiropractic adjustments combined with acupuncture, microcurrent therapy, nutritional and exercise recommendations for complete care.

Your comfort is a priority

At the BodyMind Wellness Center, we have intentionally created a nurturing atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and relaxed.