brightly colored vegetable and quinoa bowl surrounded by nutritious ingredients

Holistic Wellness

We believe in a holistic approach to optimizing your health and wellbeing. A combination of in-office treatment, prevention and health promotion combine to help you achieve your goals. We partner with you, providing education in addition to treatment, and guidance for modifying your habits in order to maximize the health benefits.

older woman exercising with resistance band

Finding Motivation

We understand that it is challenging to find the motivation and focus that is needed to keep going, especially when we get discouraged. At BodyMind Wellness Center, we help you align your natural lifestyle with the implementation of prescribed wellness programs.

We encourage our clients to develop focus and discipline by incorporating visual and audio tools such as pictures or music that inspire you to keep moving forward with your new wellness habits. With each patient,  we create a personalized approach for achieving their specific health goals.

Is exercise appropriate after an adjustment?

It depends on your situation and level of injury. We will assess your condition and offer suggestions for returning to activities.


Is there anything I can do outside of the office to relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis?

In many cases, the answer is “yes”. We recommend keeping the affected joints moving and transitioning to a more anti-inflammatory diet.


How can I alter my diet for better care?

We advise that you shop the perimeter of the grocery store where fresh vegetables, meats and dairy products are located versus the interior where the processed foodstuffs are shelved. We recommend meal-planning so that the majority of meals are home-cooked and use a minimal amount of pre-packaged, convenience foods. The food that you give your body is the fuel that it consumes for your daily functions. We believe that your overall health is enhanced when your body has proper nutrients.