Listening to Your Body

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Lifestyle Motivation

Some of my most exciting times in my office are when patients come in and relate to me that not only are they experiencing less pain and discomfort, but that they had not realized how much of their day had previously been affected by discomfort.  In other words, they never knew that they felt bad until they started to feel really healthy and good.

So I offer this experiment; start listening to your body.  Take a few days and before you habitually put that cookie or treat on your plate – think.  Think about whether your body is craving that quick rush of energy, perhaps an apple, date or another type of natural, whole food sugar would satisfy the craving.  Try the alternative and see how your body responds.  Do you get the same burst of energy? Or is it sustained over a longer time and gives you less of a comedown effect?  Or try the cookie and see if just the one actually satisfies you.  Do you find you still want something sweet or salty perhaps?

I believe that more conscious eating results in eating less and better quality food.  We are satisfied with a well-prepared meal and get more nutrients then a fast-food, poor-quality food offering.

Think about the last time you ate a fast-food French fry (if you have).  Did you keep eating because your body wanted the fry? Or was it because they were in front of you and you continued to eat them because you were looking for the satisfaction?

I am posing the idea that better health cannot be obtained without a good diet.  A good diet is eating largely what our body needs. If you listen, it will tell you.  Notice how you feel after the splurge of “junk” food.   Then observe the reaction of your body to whole foods prepared consciously.

No one is “perfect”; we all have our “splurge” food. I ask that you begin to listen and observe.

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