Eating Seasonally

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Lifestyle Motivation, Nutrition, Resources

Seasonal foods tend to be fresher because they are not transported over great distances and take less time to reach our markets.  Better yet, is purchasing food from a local farmers market where you can meet the producers of your food. These small farms are often more likely to utilize organic practices even if they have not paid for the expensive certification.

Additionally, food in season tends to be in higher supply and can be less expensive than it would be otherwise. Seasonal foods are grown in the soil until maturity and ripen naturally. They are more nutrient rich, have more vitamins and minerals, and have higher levels of the antioxidants, which we all need in our diets.  When produce travels farther it is often forced to ripen with unnatural means and can lose the nutritional value that we are trying to add to our diet.

Incorporating more of these wholesome foods provides a variety of new opportunities.  One might alter a routine diet by trying new foods or discovering new recipes to prepare for family, friends or oneself.  These dietary changes will likely eliminate the consumption of processed foods, sugars and empty calories.

Seasonal eating has adaptive, energetic benefits.  In the spring the bounty of leafy greens benefit us in helping our bodies detoxify and alkalize from the winter. The fresh cooling berries, melons and cucumbers help us adapt to the summer heat.  The crisp fall produce like apples and cranberries with their high levels of antioxidants help us transition to the fall and winter months after the summers heat.  The fall also provides root vegetables to help support our digestion as we go into the winter months.

A satisfying, nutritious diet enhances our daily performance and productivity.  If you have any questions, please contact my office at 314-725-8600.

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