After six months of physical therapy, braces, anti-inflammatory drugs and a cortisone shot to treat a RSI (repetitive stress injury) in my dominant arm, the pain and weakness continued to worsen. Finally, I went to see Dr Weinstock. After the first acupuncture treatment, I felt hopeful for the first time that this injury could be resolved. Lori literally put her finger on the problem immediately. Her treatment was spot on, including acupuncture, massage and exercises for me to do at home. Within a few weeks I was able to use my laptop and phone without pain and am gradually building up my strength again.

My only question now is why didn’t I do this sooner? I am well acquainted with Dr. Weinstock — I have sought her help for a number of back and shoulder issues and she treats many members of my family all to our remarkable relief. But somehow I didn’t connect that this wonderful treatment could apply to computer-related injuries.

If you are suffering with an RSI, be it carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other variety, I strongly recommend that you contact Body Mind Healing first.