I believe in complimentary and alternative approaches to wellness and health care. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was recommended that I needed a bilateral mastectomy, I trusted my surgeon’s advice. I also trusted my own knowledge base and inner-knowing. I prepared for surgery by having Dr. Weinstock, my chiropractor, do several acupuncture treatments to enhance my own healing energies. I told Dr. Weinstock I was concerned about regaining my full range of arm movement and I did not want to have numb areas of skin, or develop lymph-edema. She told me she had a machine that might benefit me.

I truly appreciated my sessions with Dr. Weinstock. To me the benefits were many. It helped a great deal with the after surgery nerve pain. I quickly regained my muscle strength and range of motion. Both my surgeon and physical therapist were impressed by my quick rate of recovery. The angry red surgery scars faded very quickly compared to scrapes I had gotten just in daily life. My surgeon noted that I was doing “great” for a person two months from surgery.

I have had no lymph-edema. The skin numbness diminished steadily through therapy, but I think it will never totally disappear. One of the most powerful healing effects is that the therapy is very personal-it is an empowering action towards good health. It made me feel like I was doing an action to heal myself. As Lori did the therapy, she sat next to me and I could talk to her about what I was experiencing. That positive emotional support was wonderful!

A year later, I know that the therapies I did with Dr. Weinstock have a continuing positive effect. I feel like I am walking on the healthy road in the sunshine.