Don’t Let Seasonal Changes Disrupt Your Active Lifestyle

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Exercise, Lifestyle Motivation, Nutrition, Resources

If, like me, you enjoy an active lifestyle, you might be feeling some resentment about the change of seasons we are experiencing. In spite of the obvious beauty of the fall colors and the cooler weather, we need to change our activities. At this time of year seasonal allergies emerge and the bountiful outdoor activities of summer must shift towards more weather appropriate fitness.  We can feel the burden and anticipation of the multitude of holidays and the added stresses.

I ask myself, how can I best maintain my healthy habits to ease this transition?  Some of the ways I stay motivated are looking for new seasonal recipes that celebrate the earthy fruits and vegetables that are being harvested now.  I look to add warming spices and herbs that don’t add calories and fats. One recipe I would like to share is for a sweet potato and black bean chili

During the fourth quarter, I will continue to share ways to stay motivated and keep building on the foundation of health you began earlier in the year. My patients also find that regular acupuncture and adjustments can ease the effects of allergies, stress and sleep loss.  A drug free solution without the side effects. Another example, learn how to swap a slump by taking a brisk walk for renewed focus and a burst of energy.

What is your plan to keep the seasonal changes from disrupting your health goals?


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