Lori WeinstockAfter suffering from migraines for 14 years, Dr. Lori Weinstock turned to chiropractic care for relief. The life-altering results she personally experienced changed her perspective. She was inspired to pursue studies at Logan College of Chiropractic, graduating in 2001. To broaden her practice, she studied acupuncture and received her certification licensure following 100 hours of training at Logan College of Chiropractic. Dr. Weinstock, a St. Louis native, received her Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and biology from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Upon returning to the area, Dr. Weinstock participated in the human genome project at Washington University by assisting in the development of robotic protocols for genetic research. She has also worked at Abbott Labs researching the sequencing of DNA and at St. Louis University aiding in AIDs vaccine research.

Dr. Weinstock enjoys practicing Yoga and Aerial Arts. You can learn more about her interests and pursuits in this article on the Bumbershoot Aerial Arts website.



“Chiropractic care has been a very important part of my wellness plan for years. Dr. Weinstock’s skill and intuition has been key to helping me maintain my active lifestyle through normal wear and tear and the occasional injury.” –J. Peters, St. Louis, 53 years old

“I hate needles. Hate them. I will do anything to not have to have a needle enter my body. But I love acupuncture. I recently tweaked a muscle in my back. I was in so much discomfort, I was willing to climb 10 flights of stairs to Dr. Weinstock’s office to get relief of any kind. She suggested acupuncture, and 10 minutes after the needles went in, my back muscles had relaxed and I could stand and sit normally once again. I will happily have acupuncture any time.” – N. H.

“My experience with Lori Weinstock has been nothing short of miraculous. I was referred to her by a friend who claimed that she had given her “new legs”. She raved so much about her that I decided it was time to see if she could help me with some scar tissue issues that were causing me to have some limited range of motion. I was greeted warmly by this enthusiastic, bright eyed Doctor of Chiropractic who did an assessment and quickly found all of my “spots” and issues. She put together a treatment plan that was very effective. In addition to helping me with my problem area she also got me in proper alignment as well as locating and releasing some trigger point knots in my head/neck.

This was my first experience with Chiropractic medicine and I am very grateful that I ended up with Lori Weinstock. She is caring, compassionate but most of all effective!” –Colleen S. – Grateful Patient

“As a patient with Parkinsons, I have struggled to deal with stability and balance issues throughout the progression of the disease. Dr. Weinstock recommended that I try acupuncture and I’m very glad she did! It has been very helpful in providing me added comfort and increased control of my body. I have more confidence in every step I take now.” –G. Franklin, 67, St. Louis

“I was walking in the Komen Race, dragging along as we approached the third mile. My friend’s husband, twenty years older than me, looked as fresh as when we had started! So I asked him, how do you do it? His reply- Dr. Lori Weinstock- my chiropractor! As soon as I could, I made an appointment. After several sessions of adjustments and some acupuncture, I’VE GOT NEW LEGS! The horrible shin splints are gone, my mobility in my back has returned and my big toe is no longer painful with every step I take. I carry her business cards in my wallet to hand out to friends- it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long while and I’m worth it!!!” –A patient in St. Louis

“Microcurrent therapy is different, a leap of faith. I’ve been to PT’s where they hook up e-stim and I can literally see my body contracting from the current. I don’t feel microcurrent, in fact, if I do, Dr. Weinstock adjusts the settings. But, what I do feel as a result – is better! Sounds I used to hear in my damaged shoulder don’t exist anymore. There’s much less pain and more movement. I may not feel it, but it definitely works.” –Name withheld by request

“I am an avid runner. My knees have been bothering me for years. Dr. Weinstock recommended we use Microcurrent therapy to help attempt to reduce the build up of scar tissue that exists from multiple knee surgeries. It is the only treatment I’m having done on my knees, and I feel better. I’m running longer with less pain. Even sometimes, none at all. And that’s a really big improvement.” –L. Bauer, 37, St. Charles

“I believe in complimentary and alternative approaches to wellness and health care. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was recommended that I needed a bilateral mastectomy, I trusted my surgeon’s advice. I also trusted my own knowledge base and inner-knowing. I prepared for surgery by having Dr. Weinstock, my chiropractor, do several acupuncture treatments to enhance my own healing energies. I told Dr. Weinstock I was concerned about regaining my full range of arm movement and I did not want to have numb areas of skin, or develop lymph-edema. She told me she had a machine that might benefit me.

I truly appreciated my sessions with Dr. Weinstock. To me the benefits were many. It helped a great deal with the after surgery nerve pain. I quickly regained my muscle strength and range of motion. Both my surgeon and physical therapist were impressed by my quick rate of recovery. The angry red surgery scars faded very quickly compared to scrapes I had gotten just in daily life. My surgeon noted that I was doing “great” for a person two months from surgery.

I have had no lymph-edema. The skin numbness diminished steadily through therapy, but I think it will never totally disappear. One of the most powerful healing effects is that the therapy is very personal-it is an empowering action towards good health. It made me feel like I was doing an action to heal myself. As Lori did the therapy, she sat next to me and I could talk to her about what I was experiencing. That positive emotional support was wonderful!

A year later, I know that the therapies I did with Dr. Weinstock have a continuing positive effect. I feel like I am walking on the healthy road in the sunshine.” –C.L. Allen, Ph.D. St. Louis

“Dr. Weinstock, thank you so much for “fixing” my neck. It was such a relief to walk out of your office virtually pain free. It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.” –A patient in St. Louis 

“With great pleasure, I would like to share my experience as a patient of Dr. Lori Weinstock. I began seeing Dr. Weinstock about a year ago and was immediately impressed with her thorough assessment and ability to effectively alleviate my neck pain. She has addressed many structural issues for me that I wasn’t aware of which have helped me to be pain free and more informed about my body. More importantly, I was and continue to be impressed by her talent for listening to her patients. Never have I felt rushed through an appointment with her, nor just a number. Dr. Weinstock is truly invested in the care of her patients, mind, body, and spirit.” –Rachel E. Davis

“I had been having nagging neck and tailbone pain for quite some time when I made an appointment with Dr Weinstock.  She was able to fit me in on very short notice and when I arrived at her office she saw me promptly.  She was friendly and extremely professional.  Best of all she made me feel much better.  The next day when I saw my massage therapist ( who had recommended that I see Dr Weinstock) she said my neck and back were in much better shape and that my lymphatic system was functioning better than she had ever seen in any of her clients.  I am a satisfied customer and will go back for routine visits to keep myself healthy.”

“After six months of physical therapy, braces, anti-inflammatory drugs and a cortisone shot to treat a RSI (repetitive stress injury) in my dominant arm, the pain and weakness continued to worsen. Finally, I went to see Dr Weinstock. After the first acupuncture treatment, I felt hopeful for the first time that this injury could be resolved. Lori literally put her finger on the problem immediately. Her treatment was spot on, including acupuncture, massage and exercises for me to do at home. Within a few weeks I was able to use my laptop and phone without pain and am gradually building up my strength again.

My only question now is why didn’t I do this sooner? I am well acquainted with Dr. Weinstock — I have sought her help for a number of back and shoulder issues and she treats many members of my family all to our remarkable relief. But somehow I didn’t connect that this wonderful treatment could apply to computer-related injuries.

If you are suffering with an RSI, be it carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other variety, I strongly recommend that you contact Body Mind Healing first.”

“I love the holistic approach Dr. Weinstock  takes. She’s brought my back out of crisis by working not just on my spine, but my feet, knees and supporting muscles.  She always seems to know what the issue is and, more importantly, how to address it. Dr. Weinstock is more than just a chiropractor, she’s a true full-body healer.”

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