Regular acupuncture treatments have several positive benefits for your overall health. Specifically, acupuncture can improve conditions throughout the body, such as:

  1. Head – decreases headache frequency and severity
  2. Nose – reduces sinus congestion
  3. Throat – treats symptoms of acid reflux
  4. Mood – increases neurotransmitters and stabilizes mood
  5. Immune System – boosts activity
  6. Heart – reduces stress and can lower blood pressure
  7. Sleep – regulates and normalizes sleep patterns
  8. Back – relieves lower back discomfort and muscle spasms
  9. Menopause – helps regulate body temperature
  10. Weight – supports weight loss goals

During the months of August and September, patients are invited to try a complimentary, 15-minute Acupuncture Session to target Stress in addition to another treatment.

You can learn more on the Acupuncture page on the BodyMind Wellness Center website. Better yet, call for an appointment at 314-725-8600 and discover how you can benefit from this relaxing experience.


BodyMind Wellness Center

BodyMind Wellness Center

Dr. Lori Weinstock at BodyMind Wellness Center
At the BodyMind Wellness Center, our approach to wellness is cause-and-effect based. Here, your journey begins with a personalized evaluation to determine the root cause. Next, we utilize a variety of targeted treatment options to create your customized path to improved health. Often, progress is achieved through Chiropractic adjustments combined with acupuncture, microcurrent therapy, nutritional and exercise recommendations for complete care.
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